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Are you planning a visit to Antwerp? 
Start your stay with a guided sight running tour!

Discover Antwerp with the number ONE experienced local runners.
Our running guides, Ariane or Wim,  will offer you a unique running experience. 

We are part of the world wide running tourguides network 

We adapt our tours to your needs and speed. 

Tours can vary from 5 up to 10km.

We pick you up at your hotel or meet in the historical centre.

Ariane & Wim, your guides
Ariane & Wim, your guides
Wim in the historical centre
Wim in the historical centre
Ariane near the river Scheldt
Ariane near the river Scheldt
Rubens and Cathedral
Rubens and Cathedral
Groups up to 20 runners
Groups up to 20 runners
Small groups
Small groups
Our tour of 10k
Our tour of 10k
Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Central Station
Impressive, the station ...
Impressive, the station ...
Ariane and Wim - your running guides
Ariane and Wim - your running guides

Historical run

Discover the historical center with the major highlights during a 10k - 6m running tour of 2 hours. A tour of 6k - 3m is also available.

We start at the Sint Jansvliet, next to the Art-Deco pedestrian tunnel and head of to the old castle: het Steen, het Vleeshuis, Sint Pauls Church
We run swiftly through the 
Red Light District to the MAS museum and the Red Star Line Museum. 

The run takes us to the old Docks with stunning views over the river Scheldt

We run back to the city and 
Park Spoor Noord straight through the genuine 'Seefhoek' neighbourhood. A multicultural melting pot of over 150 nationalities.

The next highlights are our award winning 
Central StationZoo and Opera. 
As we head back over the shopping area Meir we  pass by the oldest Skyscraper of Europe.

We now enter the historical centre with the Cathedral of the Notre Dame and the romantic statue of a Dog of Flanders. Did you know Thomas Moore's origin of 'Utopia' is situated in Antwerp?

Our trip ends on the
Grote Markt with the old Guild Houses, the renaissance City Hall and the statue of our citylegend: the Giant Antigoon and our Roman liberator Brabo. 

Practical info


We offer a 5 km (3miles) and a 10 km (6miles) tour. The speed depends on the group, as long as the guide can follow. 

Free Keepsake

Every participant gets a Red&White fluorescent tabard as a remembrance of your visit to Antwerp


  • 1 person - 35€
  • 2 persons - 30 € pp
  • + 3 persons - 25€ pp  
  • 10km tour takes two hours. 5km tour 1 hour.


Hi, I'm Wim

I'm a certified cityguide and a runner. 

With Antwerp Running Tours I combine these two passions. 

In real life I'm a change and communications manager in a bank. But don't worry, guiding is my escape!

My kids are grown up, which gave me time to get a certificate as a city-, museum- and churchguide. During these four years I learned more than just the theory.
As a local, I will show you the ins and outs  of Antwerp in a pleasant and professional way.


Hi, I'm Ariane

I’m  37 and living in Zurenborg – Antwerp.

My studies in archeology combined my passion for arts and history and my active outside activities like rockclimbing, traveling and exploring the world.

Professionally I’m a safety instructor on high altitudes in the Port of Antwerp and an outdoor instructor. As you can guess you can always find me outside.

Since 2015 I’m a guide in the most beautiful Antwerp open air Middelheimmuseum.

I met Wim - it is quite impossible to avoid Wim in Antwerp ;) - and we soon teamed up to show you Antwerp on our Antwerp Running tours.

Walking tours

Enjoyed the running tour? 

Why don't you experience more about Antwerp with Wim or Ariane? 

As a certified Vist Antwerp cityguide Wim can show you the ins and outs of our historical city, churches and musea.  

Ariane lives in the vivid hipster neighbourhood of Zurenborg and will show you the in's and out's of local food and drinks.